California Birth Records Stored Online For Researchers

As a fundamental document for identification and most sought after vital information, obtaining California Birth Records these days is without a doubt easier. All you need to do is visit authorized government agencies or seek through various web-based portals to gain such document. This type of information is made open to the public; therefore no limitations are imposed by the law whatsoever. They are deemed compulsory for job applications, claiming passports or marriage request.

By definition, a Natal Account is a detailed narration of the delivery of a person to the world. This particular paper contain important data like the name of the born individual, date of nativity, location, names of mother and father and the attending doctor. In this State, such files are managed by the California Department of Health Services Office of Vital Records. These particular documents even date back to July 1905.

There are two types of duplicates available in this region. As of July 1, 2003, you can select to acquire from a certified copy or a certified informational copy. The first one can be used to prove identity and may be released on particular qualifiers. Moreover, a Sworn Statement attached alongside the request must be provided. Without it, such application will be cast off as deficient and sent back to the sender without being handled.

The latter is still a regular certified copy but with a legend across saying “INFORMATIONAL, NOT A VALID DOCUMENT TO ESTABLISH IDENTITY.” This is an alternative duplicate if you are not qualified to get the first mentioned type of file. Thus, allowing you to request without a Sworn Declaration. The fee amounts to $18 per replica. Any amendment or delayed registration cost $20 each. Make sure to allow 3 weeks waiting period for natal files from 1969 to present and 6 weeks for similar files beginning 1905 to 1968.

However, essential data that took place prior to July 1, 1905 are found in the specific province where the delivery happened. Apart from the long time waiting period, meticulous paper works are demanded to start the tracing process, thus, giving you all unwanted hassle. Do not worry though because several online file distributors are available to give you better option in claiming such accounts. A reputable website provides 24/7 customer assistance, and one-time payment with money back guarantee.


Acquiring for Free Public Birth Records is possible by going to designated pubic departments, except for admin charges though. With the advent of the World Wide Web and huge online directories, anyone is able to get vital documentations without any fee these days. However, take note that free services on the Web might bring viruses that could harm your computer. Rely only to fee-based data service providers for excellent outputs.

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