Musical Theater Stage Performances Across Globe

Musical theater is often presented in large venues like London West End, New York City Broadway theater or in the smaller Off-Broadway community center theater. You will also see musical theater in regional theatrical productions, or in recreational rooms, in schools and in other performing arts centers.

Many musical theater programs are created to prepare actors in a wide array of skills, methods and experiences that offer an extensive presentation of theatrical performance training, history and literary works.

Musical theater is a kind of theatrical performance which combines spoken dialogue, acting, music and dance. The story-line emotionally charged content of a musical is conveyed in words, songs, motion and technical elements of the theater stage design,stage lighting and costume as an integrated whole.

Even though musical theater overlaps with many other theatrical styles like opera and dance, it is usually distinguished through the equal value directed at the music as in comparison with the dialogue, mobility as well as other factors. Since the early Twentieth century, musical theater stage functions have commonly been known as musicals