British pop singer Lily Allen is a shiny star!

Lily Rose Beatrice Cooper (born 2 May 1985 as Lily Rose Beatrice Allen in Hammersmith, London), known by her birth and stage names Lily Allen, is a British pop singer and show host.

Amazon ImageThe commercial breakthrough came in summer 2006 with her ​​debut single Smile. Biography Lily Allen was born as the daughter of actor and comedian Keith Allen and film producer Alison Owen. Her parents separated when she was four years old. Result of the separation were frequent moves. Between their sixth and fifteenth year she attended thirteen different schools.

Repeatedly she was also referred to. Finally she came to a boarding school, which she left at age 15. She began training as a florist, she broke off after a short time. Allen came early into contact with drugs. By his own admission it was between 16 and 19 years most of the time in cannabis intoxication. My brother Alfie Allen, Theon Greyjoy known as from the fantasy series Game of Thrones.

She dedicated the song Alfie on their debut album Alright, Still. On the morning of 28 October 2010, in the sixth month pregnant singer was taken to a hospital because of severe abdominal pain as their management reported. The doctors could not save the unborn boy. Shortly thereafter, Allen was hospitalized with a life-threatening blood infection in the hospital. The cause of septicemia is, according to the doctors a week earlier suffered miscarriage.

It was the second child she had lost during pregnancy. In January 2008, she suffered a miscarriage when she was three months pregnant by musician Ed Simons. November 27, 2010, she announced her engagement to Sam Cooper, she on 11 June 2011 in St. James the Great church in Cranham, Gloucestershire married, where her third pregnancy was known.

On 25 November 2011 Allen took a healthy daughter. On January 8, 2013 were her second child, also a girl, was born. Musical career During a family vacation on Ibiza, she met the music agent George Lamb know who brought them to the music producers Future Cut in contact. After both their self-written lyrics read, they wrote on this basis some items.

Allen sent their demo tapes to various record companies. Her goal to become a popular recording artist was evident. Finally she got the end of 2005 a contract with Regal Records (Parlophone / EMI). Though their first single Smile in 2006 was one of the best selling in the UK and the album Alright, Still not turned out as a shop keeper, she went at the award ceremony of the BRIT Awards 2007 ( four nominations in the categories: singer, album, song, newcomer) still empty from.

Lily Allen is also listen to Robbie Williams’ album Rudebox as a background singer, among others Bongo Bong / Je ne t’aime plus, a cover of Manu Chao and Keep On. They also can be heard on album Finding Forever Commons in the song Drivin ‘Me Wild. She was also published as a background singer for the 2008 third album, Off with Their Heads to hear the Kaiser Chiefs. Their song Oh My God was covered by Mark Ronson 2007, with Lily Allen for contributing vocals. This song reached # 8 in the UK. since February 2008, she hosted the talk show Lily Allen and Friends on BBC Three.

As a first single for their second album It’s Not Me, It’s You, which was released on February 6, 2009 the song The Fear was published . It has already been released as a single piece in various music download sites since December 5, 2008. The single was followed on 23 January 2009.

A second single, the song appeared Not Fair on May 8, 2009. In September 2009, Allen publicly criticized not paid music downloads and taught its own anti-filesharing blog under the title “It’s not allright “one in which they revolted over file sharers.

A short time later, she was transferred itself filesharing and then earned ridicule for their double standards. In addition, it was criticized that they promoted early in their careers by their rise free music downloads itself and the internet has used as a marketing tool and it now intends to prohibit a successful musician. A few days later she put her blog on the grounds that her “the insults too much” were.

Via Twitter, she explained that she would not renew her record contract expiring and the thing took care of making money with the music for her and she wanted to concentrate on her acting work. End of 2009, she explained, “Facebook, Blogging, which had become an addiction,” she would now completely refrain from and do not use more modern means of communication.

The end of 2011 they began to regularly communicate via Twitter again. On 30 October 2009, the single was released in Germany 22. 2010 their cooperation with the British rapper Professor Green has been published. The song Just Be Good to Green reached UK number 5 in the charts.

On June 20, 2012 Lily Allen was on Twitter announced that they, along with Greg Kurstin working in the studio on new music, which was confirmed in August 2012 by her spokeswoman . the song True Love, which is located on Pink’s sixth studio album The Truth About Love is a duet between the two singers, and was co-written by Allen.

The single was released in mid-July with Lily Cooper as a new artist name. On 13 November 2013, the music video was released for the new single Hard Out Here, which she published again under their usual pseudonym Lily Allen.

For the video she hired six dancers that perform explicit dancing in bikini.

Spocks Beard and Transatlantic Best Songs

Spocks Beard and Transatlantic are two very talented bands of musicians that play pop sounding music with progressive overtones.

What are the best songs by Spocks Beard and Transatlantic?

I’ll tell you what I think! Then you can listen and decide for yourself!

Spocks Beard The Light Amazon Image

“The Light album by Spocks Beard is truly a gem of progressive rock and in my opinion the best of Spock’s Beard. The Light and The Water are just incredible songs, alongside the rest faded somewhat. Comparisons with Genesis are secure. As always with long progressive rock pieces you need to be a little to get a listen -. although I must say that I The Water at the first hearing very catchy found the mood of the album, I’d rather than quiet and melancholy describe, but also with powerful sections in it (“F * ck you”). So if with progressive rock, either from Genesis or Pink Floyd, can do something with, and such a mood in an album estimates where I can put this CD to my heart.”

Spocks Beard is an incredible band live and in concert.

Listen to MP3’s of Spocks Beard The X Tour – Live

LIVE MUSIC! Spocks Beard X Tour: Live

Amazon Image

Live Concert DVD by Spocks Beard

Spock’s Beard: Don’t Try This at Home: Live in Holland/The Making Amazon Image

Feel the music!

Let go and enjoy the feelings!

Get your groove on at – the place that dj’s, beat box stars, percussionists and drummers hang out!

Transatlantic – best songs to listen to when in a party mood!

Transatlantic The Whirlwind Amazon Image

The Whirlwind is a masterful musical release of epic proportions. It is an adventure in songs and music!

The Whirlwind album is the most mature performance after the first Transatlantic piece “All of the above”, who delivered these four exceptional musicians.

Yes, it sounds often like 100% Neal Morse and it often sounds like Roine Stolt and the Flower Kings and the drums sound albeit beneficial not quite as heavy-heavy as Dream Theater because of rock dude Mike Portnoy

I like the rhythm so much it makes me jump and shout when I listen!

And the BASS on Whirlwind… a real treat! Finally, a cd in which the bass of the excellent Pete Trewavas is mixed well in the foreground

Thematically, this work of A pulled through to Z clear everywhere there are blueprints but why not?

In this concise and compelling cd I know of no work of recent years to match it.

All from just one band. The main topics to be grand, even the obligatory pathetic ending is not schmaltzy.

And then this absolutely congenial finish in the phrase of “Is it really happening.”

It sounds like the best Pink Floyd you would ever hear.

The more I hear The Whirlwind cd, the more impressed I am. Real music for eternity.

Transatlantic is very good performing live. Get the DVD!

Transatlantic: Live in Europe

Amazon Image