Christmas Nostalgia Moment #1

There is a lot of nostalgia surrounding the Christmas holiday. It is a time of joy for just about everyone. There may be some sore spots when it comes to the holiday season but overall it does pretty well as far as happiness and cheer. One aspect that is cherished is the sending and receiving of family Christmas letters. Now I am not talking about cards, with a simple one line greeting on it, no I am talking about the letters you send to family and dear friends whom you have not seen in a long time. To people who you care so much about but distance has kept you apart across the nation. There is something very special about receiving a Christmas letter. There is something nice about getting one in the mail, opening it, and even seeing a handwritten letter or a signed letter at least. It makes for a more intimate and memorable holiday season. For those who choose to carry out these traditions it is a great way to do so. If you have never done this, I encourage you to look into it so that you may start your own family traditions that others will appreciate and look forward to.

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