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For a lot of IT specialists, programmers and web developers, having a perfectly running computer system or network requires a lot of work and constant monitoring to ensure that everything is working as it should be without any kind of delays and issues whatsoever. This is one of the many reasons why these people would always have a reliable system log viewer and analyzer to do the grunt work for them. This is mainly because log viewers are initially tasked to scan all over the computer system or its network if available for any kind of system error and issue whatsoever, automatically highlighting them according to the nature of the problem, its fixability and a lot of other important factors that would help in the troubleshooting of the problem. Here are some of the few features a log viewer can provide those who would are in need of its service.

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Web Analytics

For a lot of web developers, having a good and reliable log viewer and analyzer makes their job a bit more easier. Searching of various log files, placing them in presentable figures and showing them in graphs for easy identification of problems are just some of the things a log viewer can provide these web developers. It can analyze all types of log files and figures to be able to sort them out and file them for easy access later on.

Another feature that a log viewer has is the ability to be able to closely track a specific log file for any kinds of issues whatsoever. This process is called tailing and is widely used by web developers for close monitoring of suspicious log files which may cause some problems in the near future. This helps a lot for the creation of potential solutions to the problems caused by malfunctioning system components.

Other Features

A lot of log viewers and analyzers nowadays do not merely function as such. Over the years they have gone some amazing updates and bug fixes that enables them to do more jobs other than the ones that they have been originally made for. Log viewers can now be used as a monitoring tool in which it can place a specific log file on a single tab for you to be able to track it closely in case an error occurs. This way you will have the ability to see the error as it happens and be able to rectify it on the spot without any hassle.

Another new feature of a log viewer is the ability to be able to provide statistical reports of the movement and progress of a certain log file. With just a few inputs for the details and a simple touch of a button, you will be able to view statistical sheets of that certain log file in the form of pies and charts for easy analysis and formulation of solutions of new problem occurs. So now you will not have to worry about getting another tool to do some other tasks that your log viewer can do by itself.


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