Free Game Titles If You Buy A Brand New PSP Console

Almost all consoles you will find in game shops, malls and online store nearly have the same amount, besides maybe for some old stocks that a certain shop want to dispose because of the arrival of the new model like the PSP Go. Other than that they generally have the same price. Buying it on the internet may even save you a lot of money as opposed to obtaining it in person because you also have to consider other expenditures like fuel for your automobile not to talk about the quality time you will be spending.

If you really want a cheap brand new PSP 3000 you needs to search for a shop that offers smuggled items, they sell it lower than you would normally buy in almost all stores due to the fact they are not paying tax for it. This form of practice is very popular to third world places like Asia. The only problem of this is that you might not get the warranty since they’re not really an official supplier. Some stores like this may give you a warranty but they do it on their own, they often have their own technicians who know how to service them. To attract more customers they even provide free game titles, you can pick many titles as many as your memory card can have with no additional expense. And that’s not all; they also include some basic accessories like NiMH battery pack and screen protector also for free. Not all country has these kinds of stores; they are only famous in third world countries that do not have existing strict regulations and guidelines about promoting smuggled products.

Most of the time people who have spare PSP with 24V battery pack sell them through online shop like Amazon and eBay or in YouTube. When browsing at Amazon there’s a note listed below the price that says “available: new and used” the used item there sometimes are not really used, they are good as new or the owner purchased it or obtain it as a gift but in fact haven’t use them. Same goes with eBay, the only difference is that at eBay you have to bid and the highest bidder wins.

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