What is Good Nutrition?

You might have heard the phrase that the first three letters of diet are “die”. For many of us when we start dieting for weight loss we feel like the beginning of a slow painful death. The good news is that the most successful road to weight loss is often the simplest. Anyone can learn the simply tricks and tips that good nutrition is all about. With a little effort you can develop healthy choices and habits rather than a regimen of counting calories, carbs, and grams of fat.

Much of this begins at the grocery store and how we shop. Here are a few simple examples. Common sense tells us that good nutrition includes a wide variety of healthy foods especially vegetables. We can choose fresh veggies, canned veggies, and even processed veggies wrapped in creamy sauces and pastries. Fresh “whole” foods are always best.

Here’s another example, bread. If bread is a must then look for healthy choices. Darker breads like dark rye for example are a better alternative.

Nutrition Information Labels are provided for your convenience, and by reading them, it becomes easier to make the best choices. Look for items higher in protein and lower in sugar content.
What’s the difference between low fat and fat free?


For the most part, fat-free processed foods are definitely not the best alternative. You must read the label and if you need help there are many examples online and if you need advice on Weight Loss for Women Diet Plans you can see more here.

Remember that much of the taste in processed foods is in the fat, so when you remove the fat completely (or virtually all of it), you’re depriving your taste-buds. Manufacturers know this, so as a result, they tend to increase the sugar content to add more taste.

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