Great Tips on Losing Weight Fast

How many pounds do you think you can lose in a week? How many calories do you think you consume in a day? We all know that there are times when we eat while distracted. Before you know it, you’ve finished a whole bag of chips. The horror is when you check the bag, you’ll see that the serving size is 4 and it’s 300 calories per serving! Guess what, you just ate your half a day’s calorie intake in one sitting. What you need are tips on losing weight that deals with this kind of distracted eating.

A good weight loss plan is to start cutting 500 calories from your daily diet. If you can sustain this with increased activities, then you can lose up to 2 lbs per week. There are many diet programs to lose weight by. Choose one that promotes healthy eating and is not too restrictive. One of the best tips on losing weight is that for your diet to be successful, you should not feel deprived. Count your calories and change your portion size.

Here are some more tips on losing weight:

1. Write down what you eat in a day. Keep your journal accurate.

2. Use smaller plates so it gives you a visual idea of a full plate.

3. Drink plenty of water or seltzer. Avoid juices unless they’re freshly squeezed because they may contain a lot of sugar.

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