Hardwood Flooring comes from a renewable resource

Compared with some other types of floor covering, wood does not directly use up valuable fossil-based resources, and minimal amounts of greenhouse gases are created during the production process or during the fitting stages of laying your flooring. It is also possible to use reclaimed wood in flooring. This means that wood which originally had another purpose can be re-used as part of your flooring. This is considered to be a very sustainable floor covering.

Then the designers at the Anderson Design Center in Clinton, SC went to work creating the most beautifully hand distressed and hand stained hardwood products. The whole collection is absolutely breathtaking. This product on average is 30-50% harder than American oak products. Add that to a wide plank distressed real hickory wood veneer and you have got a dynamite hardwood floor that you and your guests will love discussing over a nice glass of wine and cheese. In the Appalachian Vineyard hickory products the two colors are Vineyard Hickory Cabernet and Vineyard Hickory Tuscany. Both colors are outstanding visually and will add significant value to your home. When you see this hardwood flooring product your bottom lip will actually drop. Put that together with a trusted name in flooring like Anderson hardwood floors and you could not go wrong.

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