My House Hunting Experience in Bangalore

Today I am going to share with you all my house hunting experience in Bangalore, India. Before that let me tell me little bit about myself so that you can co-relate my story later. I am a girl from Punjab who graduated in Engineering from Hyderabad. For most part of my life i have travelled & stayed in 5 cities in India. My dad works in an government bank and hence every 5 years he is transferred to some other city on work. And as family we too move with him.

Initially this was disturbing me, as every time we move we had to change the house. Sometime we used to search for flats or apartments and many times we preferred a decent house. All in all, I have stayed in 2 houses and 3 apartments on rent till now. The best i loved was in Delhi where we stayed in a 3 bhk house which was in heart of the city.

Now, since I have got a job in Bangalore. I have moved here couple of years back and since i love this place, i am planning to settle down here. Hence i have decided to rent out a new home for my family. So i started to look out for a bigger 3 bhk apartment this time. As i want to stay near my office and i can get only apartments here. Houses are bit farer but traffic makes it hectic for commuting everyday.

After a lot of search I eventually found out a good 2 bhk house for rent in bangalore at btm layout for my family. The place is bit far from my office but closer to market and railway station. This helps me a lot. So you guys need to search for the place that you will love to stay. Don’t be in an hurry and take your time in house hunting. You will find your dream house only with patience.

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