Most Law Enforcement Organizations Use Peltor Hearing Protector

When it comes to effective and quality ear protector nothing beats 3M. With so many models, you can be confident that there is always a 3M ear protector for your needs. Most law enforcement organizations preferred Peltor particularly the hearing protector for shotgun users. Peltor is one of the leading companies and well known around the world. Compared with other brand names, individuals who actually buy and used them claimed that 3M is more effective and dependable.

And also, if you need a more advanced one, you can get the digital type which is excellent in cancelling unwanted noise. You can in fact isolate specific frequency that you don’t want to hear without impacting regular conversations and warning chime. That way you can still react to warning signals from your surroundings such as sirens and fire alarm systems. They are more expensive than the simple ear plugs but very effective and a whole lot reliable.


One of the dangerous workplace when it comes to noise is the airport terminal. We must always shield our ears from loud noises that can probably damage our ear drums. When our ear drum is damaged it is irreversible. Individuals who are working in this kind of environment should always wear a Peltor hearing protection. The airport management typically supplies the safety equipment for their employees, normally the cheapest one which is the ear bud or ear plug.

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