Spocks Beard and Transatlantic Best Songs

Spocks Beard and Transatlantic are two very talented bands of musicians that play pop sounding music with progressive overtones.

What are the best songs by Spocks Beard and Transatlantic?

I’ll tell you what I think! Then you can listen and decide for yourself!

Spocks Beard The Light Amazon Image

“The Light album by Spocks Beard is truly a gem of progressive rock and in my opinion the best of Spock’s Beard. The Light and The Water are just incredible songs, alongside the rest faded somewhat. Comparisons with Genesis are secure. As always with long progressive rock pieces you need to be a little to get a listen -. although I must say that I The Water at the first hearing very catchy found the mood of the album, I’d rather than quiet and melancholy describe, but also with powerful sections in it (“F * ck you”). So if with progressive rock, either from Genesis or Pink Floyd, can do something with, and such a mood in an album estimates where I can put this CD to my heart.”

Spocks Beard is an incredible band live and in concert.

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Listen to MP3’s of Spocks Beard The X Tour – Live

LIVE MUSIC! Spocks Beard X Tour: Live

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Live Concert DVD by Spocks Beard

Spock’s Beard: Don’t Try This at Home: Live in Holland/The Making Amazon Image

Feel the music!

Let go and enjoy the feelings!

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Transatlantic – best songs to listen to when in a party mood!

Transatlantic The Whirlwind Amazon Image

The Whirlwind is a masterful musical release of epic proportions. It is an adventure in songs and music!

The Whirlwind album is the most mature performance after the first Transatlantic piece “All of the above”, who delivered these four exceptional musicians.

Yes, it sounds often like 100% Neal Morse and it often sounds like Roine Stolt and the Flower Kings and the drums sound albeit beneficial not quite as heavy-heavy as Dream Theater because of rock dude Mike Portnoy

I like the rhythm so much it makes me jump and shout when I listen!

And the BASS on Whirlwind… a real treat! Finally, a cd in which the bass of the excellent Pete Trewavas is mixed well in the foreground

Thematically, this work of A pulled through to Z clear everywhere there are blueprints but why not?

In this concise and compelling cd I know of no work of recent years to match it.

All from just one band. The main topics to be grand, even the obligatory pathetic ending is not schmaltzy.

And then this absolutely congenial finish in the phrase of “Is it really happening.”

It sounds like the best Pink Floyd you would ever hear.

The more I hear The Whirlwind cd, the more impressed I am. Real music for eternity.

Transatlantic is very good performing live. Get the DVD!

Transatlantic: Live in Europe Amazon Image

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