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Marriage licenses are given to couples who wish to be married. They will then be issued a marriage certificate once the event is done to formally validate their union. In the Prairie State, State Of Illinois Marriage Records are kept by the appropriate county office where the event took place. The Illinois Department of Public Health, with its Division of Vital Records, can provide the general public with verification of facts pertaining to any marriage that took place in the state since 1962.

Since the state office cannot issue certified copies of marriage reports, all applicants must direct their requests at the designated county clerk’s office in the county where the marriage license was originally granted. You can contact the county office where the marriage occurred to enquire about the necessary requirements, fees, and the proper procedures in obtaining an official copy of the marriage document you want.

On the other hand, if you only want to verify the existence of the document, or the validity of the union, the Illinois Department of Public Health maintains a marriage index of all marriages administered in the state since January of 1962. For a five dollar fee, the department will verify the facts regarding the marriage you requested. Request applications must contain the names of the bride and groom, the location and the date of the event, the applicant’s return address and other contact information, and the signature.

Place your application in an envelope along with a personal check or money order for the processing fee and a clear photocopy of any valid photo identification. Make sure that the check is made payable to the Illinois Department of Public Health. The department will send its response to the address you have provided in your application, so it is important that the return address is clearly legible and accurate. If the document you want to obtain is not available at the office, you may receive a “no record statement”, which basically means that the marriage was never performed or never took place in the state of Illinois.

Getting a certified copy of a particular marriage report will require you to visit the appropriate county clerk’s office where the marriage license was issued. However, with the right online record provider, you will never have to drive or even leave the comfort of your home to access public documents like marriage certificates. There are many reputable record search websites these days; a lot of them are highly capable of providing accurate and up-to-date vital information. All you need is to choose and register in one.

Many well-established data search websites maintain quite an extensive database of vital documents, from Marriage Licenses Public Records to death certificates. Registered members will only have to pay once in exchange for unlimited service, meaning you can perform as many vital record searches as you want without having to worry about extra fees or additional requirements. Anytime and anywhere, you can run searches without any red tape or restrictions. If the information is available, your search will always yield comprehensive and accurate data.

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