Asthma 411: How Do You Get Asthma?

How do you get asthma? Have you stopped and asked yourself why you have asthma? If you do have asthma, do your siblings have it, too? How about your parents? Growing up, you probably were one of the few who had it in school. Today, asthma can be treated and managed more easily than before. Doctors understand that asthma symptoms can be managed and mitigated.

Have it you caught by running so fast until what you be out of breath? Or swimming? Or do you have caught asthma in too having fun? Non. None of this. You have not caught asthma for these reasons.

Has your asthma just a cooling that has never healed? Non. You surely caught as cold by someone who has sneezed beside you, but you have not caught asthma.

All these things – run and play, be cold or have allergies – can make you feel more your asthma. But neither can transmit you asthma.

Often several people of the same family have asthma. It is as if your grandmother has Brown eyes, that your father has Brown eyes and that you finally also have brown eyes. So if someone has asthma in your family, for example your mum or your Dad or your grandmother, or even a cousin, you can have asthma. But you can also do not have.

Thus, the truth about asthma is…

Well, the truth is that nobody, not even the doctor Airway, knows exactly how you have caught asthma. Certainly that you were born like that. But as long as you have been in contact with a trigger that made your more difficult breathing, you knew may be even not!

The good news is that when your triggers are known, you can know how to stay away from them. And if you use your inhaler as your doctor learned you and that you follow your asthma officer training, its control will be cake!