How to blog like you mean it


Wordpress for Beginners – A Visual Step-by-Step Guide to Creating your Own WordPress Site in Record Time, Starting from Zero!

Amazon ImageThe complete WordPress task – How to optimize your blog!

Is blogging an art to make money?

I think so!

All aspects of WordPress are really effective to use in blogging.

Of course, also for non-technicians, having your own blog can now quickly create funds from your writing. But what causes one blog to be more successful than the other?

Technically, it not only fundamentals that cause this but mainly accepting tips and tricks for more efficient use of WordPress.

What plugins offer additional benefits?

How to create a completely own design?

What external services can be utilized to make blogging more successful?

Moreover, we must be concerned about the WordPress functionality so that it is not isolated, but the issue holistically represent Blogging: How is my blog known?

So many questions!

How can I make money?

Amazon ImageHow do I get visitors to comment on posts?

How are discussions?

Not easy to answer – especially for non-technical types!

It is understandable for beginners to want to study hard to learn about success in blogging and proper optimization, but also it should be good for advanced bloggers looking for WordPress bliss.

Is blogging for dummies?

Would this info be of interest to you???

Blogs and WordPress – Before You Start – Installation and Configuration – Basic functions – Advanced use – Plugins and Extensions – Themes – Template Tags – WordPress Coding Guidelines – if you answered yes – then optimizing your blog may be the right thing to do!