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This is not about earning a certificate or a belt of any kind. There’s really no reason for anyone to attach much significance to it. You should be proud that you took measures to ensure your safety, though. Also remember that self-defense is not just about defending yourself. There are many other points to consider.

If a person knows more that one or two kinds of martial arts could possibly put that person at risk. But that depends a lot on the style that was learned with some being more effective than others. This kind of person may be tempted to get fancy in a street fight. This can end with the martial artist coming out on the losing end. Fancy is best left in the training gym or dojo and never taken out into the street. What will usually happen is the fancy technique will produce an opening. Once you create an opening, then an experienced street fighter will be all over that and it’ll be over. You will have to deal with the fluidity of street fights. They can change from moment to moment. Almost anything can happen, and you need to be prepared when it does. Strike fast and withdraw. This strategy can help you evaluating who you are fighting at the moment. Or, you can issue a fast one-two series of punches to the face and step back. Most of the time, blind flailing of the arms is what you will receive in response. Assess the effect of the punches you have landed to see what they have done. If you notice that they are stunned in any way, then you need to hit with multiple strikes to the face in sensitive areas.

Incidents involving knives are actually more common than you may think and are very precarious. Even when the fight is equal and they both have a knife; invariably someone will be stuck with it. If you are unarmed and are being threatened with a knife; your best bet is to turn and run. Anytime a person is cut or stabbed with a knife it is particularly important that you get help immediately because this type of wound can be severe even though it may not look like it. A serious knife wound could cause a person to lose too much blood too fast and cause the person to go into shock. If you have no chance of running, use this swiss army knife credit card size. You ought to reach for whatever is handy and try to protect yourself. If there is nothing around, take off your belt and use the buckle end. When you protect yourself the right way, it’s all automatic. And to be automated, with self-defense, you have to practice repetitively. To be successful, the secret is to train in this manner. Moving quickly and being able to strike at the right moment, requires conditioning and repetition. If you live in the city, or a rural area, you can still sign up for basic self-defense courses in most of these locations. If you are interested in doing this, this is something you should pursue.