Surviving The Side Effects of Quitting Smoking

If you continue your smoking habit, the side effects will be devastating because surely, your health will fail you. If you continue to smoke, you might jeopardize relationships because your family has asked you to quit smoking for several years now. So, what keeps you from walking away from the habit? Does the thought of withdrawal symptoms or those side effects of quitting smoking keep you from doing the right thing?

It does not help that friends and family keep on nagging you. The best way for them to stop is to actually do the thing – that is, quit smoking. You will survive the side effects of quitting smoking, just like many others before you. And give it a few weeks. Once you’re in a new phase, new routine, the days get easier.

The thing that stops people from quitting smoking is that they’ve read so much about nicotine withdrawal. Yes, it’s not pretty and yes, you’ll experience intense craving, but it will go away. Keep yourself busy and make new habits and routines. Change where you eat lunch or what you do after work. Explain to friends that you’re on a new schedule, your stop smoking timeline and they’ll understand when you don’t join them for cigarette breaks.