SEO Optimization Services For Those Who Follow The Rules

Are there SEO optimization services providers who follow the search engines rules? In this day and age, the risk of gaming the system is not worth it. I personally know some website owners who lost 20 to 50 websites when Penguin updated. These websites were moneymakers for these owners. So the loss of income was truly devastating for them.

But how do you know which SEO optimization services are necessary and which are dangerous to follow. If you take the time to read your website’s SEO optimization report, you will know from the numbers who your customers are. You will know the links they follow, where they are from (countries and location) and also how long they take the time to read the information you have for them.

What is important is that when you’re promoting your site, you work within the allowed methods that search engines have established. As they are out to protect visitors who search for information, your job is to give the best information to them that they can use. Take time to read your articles if you have farmed them out to writers. Are they well crafted? Are they full of useful information and not just fluff? What value will you give visitors who visit your site? Take the time to know and deliver great information to your potential clients and customers.