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Marrakech Menara Flight terminal, Morocco

This remarkable brand-new airport terminal is an example of just how Modernism as well as traditional Islamic architecture have actually started to cross-pollinate. Designed by a group of designers led by Casablanca-based E2A Style and also completed in 2008, the framework is formed of massive concrete rhombuses. This muscular approach is softened by the exquisite arabesque patterns on the building’s glass skin, which cast complex, ever-changing shadows on the terminal’s floors.

Appeal Mark: There are 72 photovoltaic pyramids creating power on the roof.

Chek Lap Kok Airport, Hong Kong

Compared to the spectacular Beijing airport, this 1998 Foster Partners project is relatively modest. Its beauty can be attributed to its extraordinary functionality. Even the sleepiest passenger off the 17-hour trip from New York can steer through this airport terminal with eyes half open. Billowy roof vaults work like subliminal arrows, frequently nudging passengers in the right instructions. Between the Jetway and the express train to Hong Kong, there are no stairs or escalators.

Beauty Mark: The train to Hong Kong Central is right in the primary terminal building and also difficult to miss. Departing Hong Kong, passengers could simply lose their bags at the train terminal downtown, and not just will they make it to the airport, they’ll also be checked onto the departing flight.

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Tempelhof International Airport, Berlin

As hard as it is to use the word beautiful to describe anything designed by Nazi architect Albert Speer, this imposing 1936 terminal, an unbroken curve greater than a third of a mile in length, determined the shape of airports for generations to come.

Made renowned by the Berlin Airlift of 1948– 1949, the airport was closed down in 2008; the airfield will be used as an enormous city park while the terminal will be preserved for social features.

Beauty Mark: In about seven years, this 568-acre green area will eclipse the famous Tiergarten as Berlin’s premier park.

Malvinas Argentinas Airport, Ushuaia, Argentina

Located in Tierra del Fuego at the tip of South America, this is the world’s southernmost global airport. Its beauty is largely a function of its natural setting– flights here can be found in reduced over the stunning Andes Mountains– and its role as a gateway to Patagonia and the Antarctic. But, while many remote airports are marred by ugly bunker-style terminals, the charming timber-framed main building here doesn’t diminish the natural setting.

Beauty Mark: The airport sits straight on the Beagle Stations, named for the H.M.S. Beagle, the vessel that supported Charles Darwin to South America.

Kansai International Flight terminal, Osaka, Japan

While it’s not the world’s biggest, the airport that hinges on a giant synthetic island two miles off the coast of Osaka is still a point of marvel. Made by architect Renzo Piano as well as opened up in 1994, it is a single, sunlight-filled tube, a supersize airplane fuselage that stretches for more than a mile, with a roofline that moves via space like a wave. International passengers, departing from the terminal’s top floor, are treated to a display of exposed structure– as in the designer’s renowned early job, the Centre Pompidou– revealing the exquisite complexity of this deceptively simple structure.

Beauty Mark: Adjacent to the airport is Sky View, “the very first aero theme park in Japan,” where you can play with flight simulators or view takeoffs and landings from the observatory level.

Kuala Lumpur International Flight terminal, Malaysia

Among a string of megaprojects developed by previous head of state Mahathir Mohamad to make Malaysia a lot more competitive with its Asian neighbors, KLIA opened up in 1998. Designed by Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa in collaboration with a neighborhood firm, KLIA’s design is so weirdly diverse that you could not mistake it for other airport around the world. In the worldwide departures venue, a collection of Islamic-style domes– hyperbolic paraboloids– are held aloft by strange, chubby columns that taper towards the top. Even the long transfer hallways, with wooden ceilings pierced with tiny spotlights, possess unmistakable character.

Beauty Mark: The airport belongs to Malaysia’s Multimedia Super Passage. Rapid trains will certainly take you straight to the nation’s newest cities, monumental Putrajaya and technically sophisticated Cyberjaya.