Trolleyless systems

Trolley-less systems

Without use of fixtures you can transport goods in this Trolley-less system with the highest possible throughput.

Simply hang the hanger directly into the system – done! It works like this simply because we have optimized with high development costs and years of detailed work, the usable Ironing spectrum that the system accepting with almost any common clothes hanger – no matter whether it is a metal strap clamp bracket or plastic bracket.

You can promote with lots of trolley technology an item or carrying a several-meter-long block of goods into the warehouse. Transport over long distances and complex sorting processes are automatically solved, processing and buffer areas in which the goods have to be moved freely accessible and can be operated manually.

Origami RDP-01 Laptop Trolley Amazon Image

With this combination, you get a tailored system with high precision process, which provides an optimal balance between investment and human resources.

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