Log viewing in the workplace

Sometimes, you would hear your IT specialists and programmers say the words log viewing and log analysis in the workplace. But what is it really?

Log viewing is the process of being able to see what your computer or your office’s network of computer have been doing as far as various processes go on a specific set of time. For example, your company’s IT staff will perform a system log viewing and analysis every 3 months depending on the traffic of log files or if there is an issue inside the system that would need to be solved immediately. To be able to do this, IT specialists and programmers use a software called log viewer to be able to read the computer’s audit trail or log files in a language that they are able to understand because these various log files and data that were initially collected and stored in a format that can only be read by a computer. Log viewers then translate it into a common language so that programmers can then formulate an analysis based on the content of the log viewer report.

Log Analysis

As mentioned above, log analysis is done by IT specialists to be able to identify any existing issue or problem within the system or within the entire local network. Because these log files are emitted by almost all the devices which are directly or indirectly connected to the computer like routers, firewalls, and any other data capable of processing any kind of data input, different kinds of log data are produced by the computer in a single tap. This is where various log data analysis processes take place such as pattern recognition, normalization and tagging.

Pattern recognition is the process in which different kinds of log files are perused by the IT specialists and various log patterns are being viewed in order to find a fluctuation or a malfunction on the side of these log files. After being able to do so, they can now find or formulate a specific solution to take of that problem for you. Normalization and tagging are also performed when the log files show signs of these processes needed to be done to them.

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