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Landing Non Profit Organization Jobs

To many people, there’s quite nothing like working for a non-profit. They can’t imagine working at a regular job where they just help a business make a profit. They want to make a living while they help the world. Well, nonprofit organization jobs do exist; but you mustn’t think that landing a job with a nonprofit is any easier than landing a job with a regular for-profit company. You need to approach a job here in all seriousness. These tips should help.

Amazon ImageNon-profit jobs have the same job descriptions and titles often, as jobs at for-profit businesses. Whatever you do in a regular business, there is a very good chance that there is a something similar that every nonprofit has too. On top of that, they have additional job titles, as well. They often need grant writers, volunteer organizers and so on. You need to make sure that you take all the possibilities into account when you apply for nonprofit organization jobs.

Nonprofits are often not very well-heeled. They often cannot afford great offices or competitive salaries. Nonprofits are also understaffed. You may need to perform in several different roles, any job you accept. A pay cut and a longer day, should be considered quite on par for such a job, too. When you go in prepared for this, your chances improve.

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Often, even if you don’t have too much passion for a regular job, you can at least count on a healthy salary to help bring some of that involvement in. With non-profit organization jobs though, a salary isn’t something you can look to for a way to shore up your enthusiasm. And so, you have to bring enthusiasm to the job on your own. You have to prove it to the interviewers, if you are serious about getting the job.

Enthusiasm certainly is important. Even more important though is that you have the right skills. You need to show them that you really understand the nonprofit universe, and that you can think out-of-the-box. If you’ve worked in businesses your whole life, using jargon that’s powered from your business formal life is not going to impress anyone.

Amazon ImageWhen non-profits hire people from a business background, they are often a bit nervous about how you may not really know all of the above. They may be nervous about hiring someone who isn’t prepared for the nonprofit lifestyle. Some people come seeking nonprofit organization jobs because they believe that it is easier working at such a place.

You need to convince the people who interview you that you really do not labor under such misconceptions.

Article by J. Steven Ballard, an accomplished piano player who loves to watch live bands in concert.

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