Cooks Choice Professional Sushi Knife

Do you ever prepare sushi in your kitchen? If so you need a proper sushi knife.

When people talk about a sushi knife they normally mean the general everyday cutlery that is used for everything from slicing up vegetables to cutting into frozen fish and sushi rolls. There are two main ways that a sushi knife can be distinguished from some Japanese knives and other western knives, which is by the sharpening and by the material.

Most sushi knives are made from astonishingly high quality steel.

The same type of steel they use to make Japanese swords is used to make original sushi knives. The general sushi knife one is most likely to find in a modern everyday used kitchen is one made from not such high quality materials but rather plain stainless steel. The best sushi knives are the ones that are made from genuine high quality steel and nothing else. That is a proper sushi knife.

The other major difference between normal western knives and a real sushi knife is the way it is sharpened. Most western knives are sharpened on both sides of the blade and a genuine sushi knife is sharpened on only the one side.

It will depend on whether the chef is left-handed or right handed to determine which edge of the knife will be sharpened. If they are right-handed then the right edge of the knife will be sharpened and if they are left-handed then the left hand side of the blade will be done. Although it is not very often that left-handed cooks get left-handed knives.

The reason for having only one edge of the knife sharpened is because this proves to provide cleaner cuts as well as aimed accuracy. Although, it is more difficult to learn to only use one side of the knife, taking longer for beginners to get the hang of it.

Many different types of knives are used for making sushi; there are not only one or two specific ones. Every knife that is made for the sushi job is designed in such a way that it allows the chef to be superior with a particular type of cutting. Some knives are even specially deigned to cut a certain type of fish.

There are three main knives that are used to cut fish.

These knives are called yanagi ba, fugu hiki and tako hiki. The yanagi ba knife almost looks the same as a western paring knife does and this knife is used to cut most fish, where the fugu hiki is made specially for filleting a puffer fish.

The next time you are dining and enjoying sushi remember that they have most likley used a very high grade of knife to prepare your meal.